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For over 40 years, Vetraria Imagna has specialized in the design, production and installation of glass, tempered glass, partition glass and cut glass furniture. The prestige of the company has grown exponentially in the Bergamo area and beyond, thanks to the ability to create customized, tailor-made solutions to meet the specific needs of each client. Production excellence is complemented by top-quality service and outstanding hand-crafted products created by highly qualified staff using latest generation machinery and technologies. The creation of innovative bathroom furniture is one of strengths of the company, which boasts excellent know-how in the high quality glass furnishings sector. The services offered by Vetraria Imagna are perfectly suited to the needs of both large companies and individuals, and can achieve desired results regardless of the specific destination sector.


Ever since 1982, Vetraria Imagna has been a leader in the production and installation of tempered glass, glass windows and glass furnishing accessories. Strengthened by a craft tradition of great prestige, and supported by a vision oriented to modern design, the company has always combined high craftsmanship with a great drive for innovation. Thanks to the perfect synthesis of these two aspects, together with our approach to listening carefully to our clients, the company has been able to grow its reputation enormously in the area and beyond, and to spread awareness of the uniqueness of its creations and the excellence of its professionalism and expertise. Since its foundation, it has never been a simple glass factory, but rather an innovative craft workshop capable of transforming glass and cut glass into unique, unrepeatable, high-end furnishings and practical, stylish objects. Following large investments in research and development since the nineties, Vetraria Imagna has oriented the focus of its business to technological innovation and design.

Our philosophy

Since its very beginnings, in pursuit of aesthetic and functional perfection, Vetraria Imagna has worked hard to design and manufacture products capable of expressing solidity, balance, delicacy and transparency. We firmly believe growth comes first and foremost from listening to the needs of our clients, who offer valuable insights inspiring us to advance and improve our manufacturing techniques and lines, in order to transform each object into a piece of furniture art with stunning impact. Quality, expertise, precision and execution and installation speed are just some of the values that distinguish Vetraria Imagna, an innovative company that is the natural, collaborative partner for leading architecture firms and projects across Italy and Europe.

About us

Natale Romeo
Numero uno !
Roberto Arioldi
Pienamente soddisfatto. Lavoro fatto molto bene posa compresa. Tempistiche rispettate, sicuramente da consigliare
Diego Zucchetti
La porta in vetro satinato che separa la zona giorno dalla zona notte è meravigliosa! Ci siamo affidati alla competenza di Vetraria Imagna, abbiamo visitato lo show room accompagnati da un bravo tecnico che ci ha aiutati nella scelta. La consegna e il montaggio sono avvenuti dopo poche settimane e il tutto è stato eseguito a regola d'arte. Complimenti!!! Sicuramente ci rivedremo per altri ripiani e la porta della cucina.. Siete proprio bravi!!!
Alex Barachetti
Ho richiesto un top in vetro per bagno, ottimo lavoro prezzo buono, ottimi consigli, molto cordiali e competenti. Unica pecca tempi un po' lunghi
dama stampa
Competenti e bravi a dare i giusti consigli, mi sono trovata molto bene.
Studio Dottoressa Bernini
un'ottima professionista, disponibile ed efficiente. La consiglio a tutti coloro che vogliono arredare la propria casa, il proprio ufficio o studio, come abbiamo fatto noi, affidandoci a questi ottimi esperti. Cordiali saluti Silvia Bernini

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