Vetraria Imagna is a leading reference in the world of design, glass furniture and accessories for stores and commercial spaces.
Driven by constant research and development, the company stands out for its natural ability to innovate itself and innovate products by experimenting with new forms of creativity. It is able to both capture the interest of store customers and enhance the goods on display.
Every store has its own peculiarities, demanding solutions capable of satisfying precise aesthetic, practical and safety needs.
Vetraria Imagna is well aware of this, and knows how to advise its customers on the best solutions in terms of forms, styles and materials, in order to obtain a totally aesthetically satisfying space.
Our team of highly specialized professionals designs, realizes and installs windows, fixtures, displays, showcases, counters, shelves and other many solutions upon request.

Via Milano, 35 Bonate Sopra (BG) - 24040
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