VETRARIA IMAGNA – Custom digital printing

For almost forty years, Vetraria Imagna has skilfully combined innovation with a craft tradition of great prestige.
Within the company, new technologies support the art of design and decoration, allowing us to offer our clients innovative and extremely personalized services, such as digital printing on glass.
The interest in the customization of furnishing accessories is constantly growing, and more and more designers in Bergamo and beyond want to embellish the surfaces of items such as showcases, partitions, sliding doors and shower enclosures.
Our team of professional technicians put all their technical and design skills to work in meeting the specific needs of each context, whether private or corporate.
Vetraria Imagna can perform rapid digital printing on glass and any other flat surface, such as of steel, aluminium, ceramic, wood, plexiglas, and so on.
Designs can be chosen from our catalogue, or provided by the client.
At the company showroom in Bonate Sopra, you can view a vast sample of decorative models, materials, colours, to satisfy any style need.

Via Milano, 35 Bonate Sopra (BG) - 24040
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