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Who we are

Vetraria Imagna

chi-siamo-interni Vetraria Imagna is the prestigious company from Bergamo, Italy, specialized in designing, manufacturing and installing glass, tempered and insulating glass, and glass furniture. For over 30 years the company has been realizing customized products in order to meet the needs of any customer. The customization of the decorations, all handmade, makes each product unique and exclusive.

Vetraria Imagna believes that it’s essential to invest in modern machinery and technologies, but without losing sight of quality craftsmanship. The growth of the Vetraria Imagna’s competence in terms of innovative products for furniture and bathroom represents, today, an excellent know-how in the high-quality glass industry.

The brand guarantees not only an excellent production, but also a top-level service thanks to a highly qualified internal staff and to quality and speed in terms of execution and installation. Vetraria Imagna’s skills, destined both to private users and corporate customers, allow the achievement of ideal solutions, regardless of the destination area.


logo-vetraria-imagna Born in 1982, Vetraria Imagna has established itself over the years as a leader in the production and installation of tempered, stained and decorative glass.

Thanks to its prestigious artisan tradition and, at the same time, a focus oriented to modern, exclusive design and new technologies, Vetraria Imagna has added a great propensity for innovation to a high-level production. Its love for innovative technologies was further highlighted by its constant collaboration with Tecnotessile, the National Society of Technological Research.

For this reason, right from the beginning of its history Vetraria Imagna represented much more than just a master glazier shop, but rather an innovative workshop that turned glass and decorative glass into a unique and unrepeatable furniture experience.

Over time, Vetraria Imagna’s fame grew organically and naturally, and kept being renewed thanks to the opinion and advice of its very customers, who appreciated the uniqueness of the brand’s creations, its outstanding professionalism and its high-level skills.

As a result of large investments in terms of research and development conducted during the Nineties, Vetraria Imagna has directed the focus of its activities on technological innovation and design, devoting itself more and more to the construction of new generation products for the furniture and the bathroom.

In short, the company has become synonymous with quality glass furniture, thanks to products destined for every type of living environment where style and absolute functionality need to be combined perfectly.

With time, the identity of Vetraria Imagna has been renewed, and has become more contemporary, in tune with the trends of modern design.